It is located on the eastern coast of Sicily, about 50 km south of Messina, 40 km north of Catania and, and not far from the airport, very close to Taormina. This seaside resort is known for its one kilometer long sandy beach and Greek history. The city is easy thanks to the A18 Messina motorway - to reach Catania and Taormina together, the central station allows you to reach many other Sicilian cities. In addition, the city has an excellent bus service to Taormina and Catania airport.

To be seen

thanks to the Greek history (Giardini Naxos was the first Greek city in Sicily), to see the Archaeological Museum, the archaeological park, the finds and the remains of a temple in Aphrodite.

The mouth of Giardini Naxos, in the Ionian Sea of ​​Fiume Alcantara, invites visitors to the famous Gole Alcantara to visit. The riverbed was blocked by a stream of lava at Mojo because its washes through rapidly chilled water and took special forms during solidification and interesting gorges Alcantara Gorges.


The kilometer-long bay is ideal for jogging, to enjoy gastronomic experiences and events promising a unique bathing experience